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India's Daughter (Movie Premiere)

Public Relations

In 2015 the global NGO Plan International launched in Brazil the campaign "How Much Does Sexual Violence Against Girls Cost? " in partnership with the Brazilian company Catalize (3FilmGroup) in an attempt to start a national mobilization to prevent sexual abuse against girls. The kick-off of the campaign was marked by the premiere in São Paulo (Brazil) of the documentary India's Daughter (UK) with the presence of the director, Leslie Udwin. The movie, prohibited in India, covers the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23 year old medicine student in Delhi in 2012.

  • As Public Relations for the launch, engaged one hundred influencers and organizations to support the campaign through their media and network.

  • Presented the campaign to representatives of civil organizations, social movements, government officials and activists.

  • Working along side with the production and social media team, guaranteed successful public attendance of 100 influencers for the exclusive Premiere and 500 people for the Open Premiere.

  • Tracked the organizations present at the premiere that had interest in hosting screenings of the movie at their communities and provided this data to the Community Engagement Coordinator.

Overview of the two premieres.  Video by Humanitas360
India's Daughter - Trailer
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