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Araújo Vianna Todas Histórias (Documentary)


Araújo Vianna Todas Histórias is a 20 minute documentary that celebrates the most iconic amphitheater in Porto Alegre (Brazil), a fundamental pillar for the musical scene of the city considered the Brazilian capital of rock n'roll. The movie release was the starting point of a bigger collaborative documentary later finished with the addition of memorabilia sent by the community.

Directed by Gustavo Tissot, Produced by Marcia Belloc, Written/Presented by André Czarnobai, Research by Michele Fatturi.

  • Defined the guests to be interviewed, located and invited them to take part in the project.

  • Researched museums and public administration archives for files, old projects and pictures.

  • Researched the archives of the three main newspaper of the city, both in printed and microfilm copies, located and negotiated the use of old newspaper articles and photos.

Araújo Vianna documentary - rough cut
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